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Heidi Heidi Lehmuskumpu

Singing and music have always been part of Heidi's life, who was born in Oulu but lives now in Helsinki. After finding jazz singer Viktoria Tolstoy's cd at a record store years ago in Stockholm, Sweden, jazz hit Heidi – and hard.

Heidi has gained insight to jazz especially from the singer Ira Kaspi, as well as by attending several jazz workshops. In December 2009 Heidi deepened her knowledge of bossanova with the help of Luciana Sant'anna in Brazil.

Heidi lived in New York during the winters 2010-2013. In New York, Heidi fell even more in love with Brazilian music and performed as a guest of Brazilian musicians: Nanny Assis and Marco Figueira. In addition, she took vocal lessons from the jazz singer Karrin Allyson, and pandeiro lessons from Scott Kettner.

In 2006 Heidi studied under Fay Claassen at the jazz camp, which was organized by Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Manhattan School of Music in Amsterdam. In Finland Heidi has attended several jazz camps and courses organized by Sibelius Academy and gained guidance from various singers, such as Katrine Madsen, Herman van Doorn, Jenny Robson and Mirja Mäkelä; as well as from drummer Jussi Lehtonen.

Earlier when living in Kerava, St. Catharines (Canada) and Lohja Heidi also participated in a pop and rock band, musical and jazz and entertainment choir.

Why does this singer feel herself especially at home when singing jazz?
"Jazz is amazingly rich and versatile. We do our own versions of all the tunes together as a band. I can be a creative, free and strong interpreter. Playing together is fascinating – with improvisation you end up with new versions all the time".