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Eki Vikman

Passion for rhythms and percussion instruments has always been characteristics for Eki, who comes from Hämeenkoski. Already as a small toddler he was enthusiastically hitting all kinds of saucepans and kettles. After enough buckets got broken, the instrument was changed into drums and other percussions at the end of the 1990's.


Eki is targeting to become a diversified percussionist. In addition to jazz, he enjoyes playing rock and traditional dance music. When it comes to rhytms, Eki finds the Latin American rhythms especially interesting. He has widened his scope of instruments and is also rehearsing to play timbales and tabla. Earlier Eki has also played the guitar.

What puts the drummer into the jazz mood and beat?
"The most fascinating thing about jazz is that the songs are reborn during each time we play them. You never know where you end up with playing different songs together".