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Hannu Hannu Kautto
Bass guitar

Hannu grabbed bass guitar already some 40 years ago and started to play at his neighbourhood in Espoo. Hannu has gained solid experience playing various music styles and at different kinds of places. In addition to jazz he has played rock, pop, groove and traditional dance music.

Why bass guitar of all instruments? Hannu remembers that already as a child, when listening to music, he was captivated by the melody lines and rhythms that you can play with the bass guitar. After all, the bass guitar creates the solid base for the entire band. Someone has said it's, in fact, the secret heart of the band. However, in addition to bass guitar, Hannu can be seen once a while playing the guitar, as well.

What makes the bass guitar player to swing along jazz?
"Jazz is a delicious music style. It has swing, commucation and improvisation. Being spontaneus and reacting to surprising situations are written in jazz".