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Erkki Erkki Rännäli

Erkki Rännäli, born in Oulu, sat in front of the piano already at the age of six. The choice of instrument was very natural considering that all the family members played piano as their profession. In fact, Erkki also ended up studying classical piano. Through the years his classical skills have been spiced up with jazz and classical vocal lessons. Erkki also made his debut as a rock singer at the TV series "Not born to rock", played at Subtv in Finland.

Erkki finds piano fascinating due to its versatile characteristics. One could describe piano as a one man's orchestra, in case there are no others present. When it comes to music, Erkki wants to be a diverse professional.

Why does the pianist find jazz intriguing?
"I got my first glimpse of jazz already as a child when my Dad playd Oscar Peterson's records. Jazz has fascinating harmonies and colorful rhythms. You can relax with the band when improvising".