Lime Hill Quartet
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Lime Hill Quartet - Music for your entire wedding day

Lime Hill Quartet will add a special and memorable touch to your wedding day. We offer you the whole package - from the tunes played during the ceremony, through ballads and serenades to background music during your dinner, wedding dances of your choices, swing dance music and groovy party music. Alternatively you can ask us to play only during the ceremony (solo or duo) or starting from the dances.

Our quartet consists of vocals, piano, bass guitar and drums. Very often we play at weddings with a fantastic saxophone player.


For the ceremony you can choose, for example, a classical piano piece, a special tune from a Broadway musical with a singer or as an instrumental version or a sentimental ballad. The music for your ceremony will be tailored together with the couple.

Toasts and background jazz and bossanova during the dinner

We can emphasize the memory of the toasts by planning a carefully thought musical moment together with the couple. After the toasts, the party will relax and the atmosphere will remain warm, when we play smoothly swinging jazz and bossanova during the dinner. Heidi Lehmuskumpu sings part of the bossanova songs in their original language, in Portuguese.

Wedding dances, swing dance and groovy party music

We will play the three wedding dances chosen by the couple. We will help in choosing the right dances. You can dance a traditional Finnish waltz. However, your wedding dance can as well be a slow ballad or a faster dance, like foxtrot!

After the wedding dances, the first set typically consists of songs that are danced as couples (should the wedding couple wish so). The set includes Finnish classics, American swing, as well as latin songs and bossanova. Examples of the songs: Maijan ja Jannen häävalssi, Suvivalssi, Rannalla, Kultaiset korvarenkaat, Jazztyttö, Heili Karjalasta, Suklaasydän, Ranskalaiset korot, Valoa ikkunassa, Satulinna, Paratiisi sekä "Leidit lavalla medley", It don't mean a thing, Come fly with me, Mas que nada, Sway, Whatever Lola Wants and Garota de Ipanema.

After this, there is still plenty of time for groovy party music. We play hits especially from the 60’s and 70’s. Examples of our songs: Dancing Queen, Summer of 69, Disco inferno, Lady Marmalade, Signed sealed delivered, I'm so excited, Hot stuff, Gimme gimme, Voulez vouz, Let me entertain you, Le freak, Knock on wood, We are family, Proud Mary, Hound dog, Can't buy me love, Rock around the clock, Yes sir I can boogie and Främling. Every now and then we offer a more sentimental treat - ballads. Examples: At last, Can you feel the love tonight, Unforgettable, Let's stay together, Eternity, Rakkauslaulu and Niin monta vuotta.

We will send the entire song list as part of our offer.

Help for your wedding waltz or other wedding dances?

Pianist Erkki Rännäli and singer Heidi Lehmuskumpu have danced ballroom dances (both standard and latin) together in the B class. In addition, Heidi Lehmuskumpu has danced New York style salsa. In case needed, they can help you with the wedding waltz or other wedding dances, as well as to create a special show number for your wedding dance - in case separately agreed!

Please send e-mail to info [at] and we will tell you more. Let's make your special day also a memory when it comes to the music!